Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby Onions

Our green onion has produced some baby onions in the flower poof this time around. It's made a couple before but this time it's upward of 10 or so in among the flowers.
This little guy was especially interesting since it didn't know what kind of leaf it wanted to put out.  In the end it decided to combine a scale with a shoot and it curled around like so.  We really should have planted more this year but what we do have is growing nicely and we've gotten some tomatoes from what planted itself from last year's dropped fruits. I believe we have more borage than we can use and not enough onion. I'll have to prep the bed better this year for the winter onion crop.
Still hoping for more rain although the lakes around here are groaning from  the abundance of water and those in low areas are cursing me for even thinking it.  Still that's one reason I bought a house so high up on a hill.

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