Saturday, July 11, 2015

Precious Tomatoes

Most of us well know the prolific nature of the cherry tomato.  They grow fast and put out lots of fruit.  This was of course our best tomato plant last year and so it isn't surprising that the plant that seeded itself was a cross between it and one of the nearby varieties we had.  There are of course less tomatoes than the original but they are also slightly larger.  We haven't had to water it at all this year and it's still making tomatoes in this Texas summer we're heading into.  Now that we've added plant food and are watering it regularly we hope to see even more growth and a productive season.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


It's fun to say and interesting to look at.  They really aren't sold around here but that won't stop us from looking.  Usually it's the leaves of cabbage you look for but in this case it's the bulb.  the leaves are edible as well but not really the focus in many recipes I've found.
It's also easy to see why some people like to make cartoon characters from them. It's easy to see how someone can see a face with green hair sticking up out of it. I'm going to try something similar myself but with a slight twist. Hopefully I'll get it up soon.
In the mean time I'll be on the lookout for this veggie in stores. Who knows, maybe it will just appear one day.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Baby Onions

Our green onion has produced some baby onions in the flower poof this time around. It's made a couple before but this time it's upward of 10 or so in among the flowers.
This little guy was especially interesting since it didn't know what kind of leaf it wanted to put out.  In the end it decided to combine a scale with a shoot and it curled around like so.  We really should have planted more this year but what we do have is growing nicely and we've gotten some tomatoes from what planted itself from last year's dropped fruits. I believe we have more borage than we can use and not enough onion. I'll have to prep the bed better this year for the winter onion crop.
Still hoping for more rain although the lakes around here are groaning from  the abundance of water and those in low areas are cursing me for even thinking it.  Still that's one reason I bought a house so high up on a hill.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Green Beans Growing

Growing a bean plant indoors just for giggles. I didn't expect much from it but there are four beans already. This picture was a few days ago but now you can easily see the little seeds growing in the pods.
In with it are the apple tree and a tomato plant.  Going to add some more dirt soon to help support the tomato plant. Everything is growing toward the window trying to get as much light out of a north facing window as possible. With spring just around the corner I really should have more started but the garden has taken a backseat to the rest of life for the moment. We'll see what ends up getting planted after things slow down again.
On a sadder note, two of my remaining five cacao trees have died.  I was out of the office for an extended period of time and no one else waters anything. In the room they were growing it gets really hot and dry and they just ran out of moisture and shriveled up.  The one at home is doing great still and the other two are in a more appropriate location in the office and doing nicely.  they even had a growth spurt recently of a few inches in height.