Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Painting Chocolates

Painting some silicon chocolate molds this evening with my wife.  These I painted half red and put white on the little divot in the mold.  Otherwise it will look like a mistake instead of intentional design.

As we wait for them to dry though I remembered a lecture we went to about paintings.  Way back, canvases were so expensive paintings were often painted over with other paintings.  One such painting was found this way.  It had been seen as a background image in another work and was thought to have been made up until X-ray scans of another work revealed it had been painted over. In chocolate molds it would be the opposite since the first thing you will likely see, unless the chocolate is too hot and remedy’s everything, would be the paint that was put down first.  In this case I could wash over the entire heart with a third color after this one cools down and you would only see what hadn’t already been painted.

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