Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Not to change the subject, but this blog is about all kinds of plants and when to grow.

For instance, my broccoli and cabbage are doing great. The broccoli is on it's second stage of flowering and the cabbage is starting to form the typical dense center. Unfortunately only two of the three cabbages are actually getting very big. The third one is still alive and growing but it's about a third of the size. Hopefully it will have an end of season growth spurt.

Soon I will be planting carrots, bell pepper, and tomato from seed. I probably should have started the tomato already, but better late than never. I also need to add two grow lights to the plant hutch to really get things growing.

I also have some fennel growing out front which has taken hold and will hopefully stay around for a while until I can get the bulbs a good size.

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