Monday, June 14, 2010

New planters

Even when I feel terrible it seems that planting gets done. Yesterday we got some free pots from craigslist from a wonderful family who just didn't feel like trying to grow more stuff. I can't say I blame them though since after looking at the plants they tried to grow I noticed that almost all of the plants that they had in the pots that they were giving us were rotting. I don't know the whole story but that would be enough to discourage a lot of folks.
One of the stargazer lilies was ok though and I repotted it in hopes of a bloom. I'm not holding my breath but who knows. I had to clean it up a bit still.
In the back we constructed another 4x4 garden box and planted some cucumber in part of it. In one of the older boxes we put a few snow peas that we had sprouted inside along with some beans.
I turned the compost bin and find that it still needs more green matter. The old leaves are just not composting very fast (3 years). It is just about there but there are still bits here and there. It should be nice and good by fall if it keeps up at this pace.

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