Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Straw in the City

The title's not that catchy but the idea is sure to catch on if it hasn't already.
My beautiful watermelons need some place to lay down their enormous selves where the bugs won't get to them and cause a mess. My wife suggested I put straw under them... Where am I supposed to get straw?
Well, I was outside today cleaning and maintaining as best as I can with only ten minutes to do it and found that the Mexican feather grass was in desperate need of some tidying up. As some of you might know, I don't subscribe to the haircut method. It's barbaric and cruel to chop the top off wholesale, not to mention not as effective. So there I was brushing the grass to get the dead parts out and leave a lusterous mane when all of the sudden it hit me that I also had a small pile of straw.
It wasn't the usual type of straw but who cares.
I carefully pulled up the largest watermelon and placed the straw beneath it. If I was that watermelon I would be way too thrilled. I think I might need to move it out of it's current location though so that it won't be in danger of sitting in water even if it is lying on straw.
Grow melon grow!

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