Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weather Planning

One of the things I don't usually think about until it's too late is the temperature. Going on a cruise next week and I don't think I need to worry about the weather but then I heard it's supposed to get into the 40's. Today it was in the 80's so it wasn't really on my mind. It should have been since November is coming up but I find as I get older, not old, that time keeps speeding up. Just yesterday it was July.
A number of plants will be brought in for the colder nights but most of it is just going to have to face the temps. I'm still trying to natrualize some of it. There are many things that I think will grow just fine given enough breeding. Of course being on such a small scale it might take longer than I have to live. My grandchildren might have to finish it for me and right now I don't even have a kid.
Of course as time goes on there are more plants that are available for growing that were not too long ago deemed unfit for the area. Some still are unfit but we plant them anyway.

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