Sunday, December 19, 2010

Starting Pineapples

We've all been told if we've bothered to ask, to twist the top off of a pineapple and plant it if we want to have another pineapple plant. That's great if al you want is one. I don't like to settle with the status quo usually so I looked for the seeds. They had to be somewhere in that fruit otherwise we would never have more pineapples. Seriously, how many tops have any of us really gotten to grow?
The seeds are a litle smaller than apple seeds and they are just under the eyes on the outside of the fruit. When cutting one up they are usually thrown away. here are just a few of the seeds out of my last pineapple. I haven't gotten around to planting them either but they should last a little longer than the top before having to be planted.
This is of course talking about your standard pineapple you get at the store. If you have plants then you already know that they send out runners and make new pineapples without any hassle.


  1. wow, good luck with that project. I have never gotten the top of a pineapple to grow. But I used to have luck with avocado pits when that was all the rage.

  2. I tried once to grow a pineapple using a top, but ... I failed. I've never seen pineapple seeds, never even thought about them. Good luck with your experiment! Happy New Year!

  3. hi Vachtra, i am new here and just picking on the new blogs for me, found yours more interesting. I haven't sown any of those seeds, and will it not be too long before they grow big to bear fruit? If one wants to have earlier fruits, it is better to plant the slips, these are the tiny growths beneath the fruits. They fruit earlier than the crown. Besides, the slips are normally more than one in one plant. I am interested to see the young plants from your seeds, and how long till they bear fruits. Thanks. Happy New Year!