Friday, May 27, 2011

Windstorm Damage

Amazingly enough there was very little damage to the plants during the last few windstorms. There was damage to the power lines that run down the back of the property but we called the power line company numerous times to let them know it would probably happen. I only hope the sparks coming off of the lines don't catch my compost pile on fire.
The tomato plants could be a little more productive but at least I got some tomatoes this year and there are still more on the vine.

The agave plant has decided to send out runners. I've found three so far, one of which is outside of the bed for it. The parent plant however didn't start as a runner. When I pulled it up it had it's own root system and no attached runner stalk.


  1. Be careful with those power lines. There was a rather large fire close by here that was started by a tree's limb blowing against a power line. My tomato plants haven't really started producing yet - just one is just now starting to turn pink.

  2. We were fortunate to escape the tornadoes that ravaged our state last month. I am glad you didn't suffer damage from storms in your area! My tomato plants are loaded. Today we picked our first one. It is plump, red, healthy, a thing of beauty. They will all ripen at once, I bet. I will be making salsa!