Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday Weed: Queen Anne's Lace

Most of us probably think of it as a nice addition to a bouquet but for many in the eastern United States it's an invasive weed and it's spreading west at an alarming rate.  Although not poisonous like it's cousin hemlock, it grows in areas such as open fields.  In our area it was growing in a field used for producing bales of hay which will make the meal a little less palatable for the poor animals who get to eat it.
Some areas and even states have put bans on planting it in an attempt to keep it from spreading any more than it has which will be difficult since it produces so many seeds which can spread a long way before settling down.
The root is edible but more palatable when it is young but also hard to determine if it truly is the plant you're thinking it is.  So unless you planted it I don't suggest trying it on the tongue first and in the big scheme of things probably better to go get some carrots from the store.

One striking characteristic is the single purple flower in the center of the spiral of flowers.

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