Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dallas Inner City Landscaping, Cactus

 It seems Dallas is trying to get some greenery to stay around during the hot weather we've had yet again this year.  Wandering around the streets last weekend we came across dozens of planters with these guys nestled in them.

Some of them had rocks tossed on top, not that that would have bothered them much but it just didn't look very nice so I pulled them off, others had weeds.  I didn't try to fix the weeds since I didn't want to get poked in the process.

These guys aren't the vicious kind you read about that dig their barbs in and don't let go though.  It's more like pointy zip tie ends.  The barbs even have that look to them as if they might make that same zip sound if you ran something along them.

They really are a pretty plant and I hope they keep it up.  They should be able to survive the down town conditions pretty well and they can always use more greenery.  Also the watering requirements for them is pretty low.  The slow growth in these guys will also make it easier for the upkeep.

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