Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cacao Grove

Started new cacao seeds again  I just couldn't keep the other ones alive for some reason.  As you can tell though these are doing even better than the last ones.  I'm afraid I'll have to thin them again soon. I already took two out of this pot and sent them one cubicle over.  I think the more water the better at this stage at least.  Watering them from the bottom tray and just letting the plants soak it up.
The spacers are so the little guy underneath all the leaves has a chance to get some light and hopefully get bigger.  He'll probably be next to leave the pot and find a new home since his roots are probably also a bit more compact.  We'll see how that goes when the time comes.
Decided to use Ozarka spring water as well to hopefully get some natural nutrients into the mix.  Will have to see how that goes.  So far though compared to the two plants that, as stated earlier, are already a cubicle over, which get tap water, the original pot seems to be doing a little better.  Hopefully this trend will keep up.  If so then he might switch to spring water as well.

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