Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden Update

It's been a while since I last posted an update of my garden.
I'll start in the front.
The bed along the driveway is growing well all except for the tomato plants. We started with small plants and they haven't taken well where we put them probably becuase the other plants are a little close and hogging the space. For instance the broccoli is really bushy and making seeds so I can have more plants next season.
The plants near the walkway are doing pretty good. My pepper plant from last year already has peppers on it and the new plants are growing fine but no flowers as of yet. Yhe cabbage plant that we harvested and replanted has a lot of new leaves on it again and we could probably make a nice dish of cole slaw in about a week.
The lemon thyme and oregano are both taking off again this spring and will need to be cut back and thinned under the thyme at least to get the old dead stuff out.
As my wife was pointing out earlier today, all of our lavender survived last winter and continues to grow and flower. We have cotton lavender and it was first to flower this year.
Around the side of the house we have the bean plant which has reached over seven feet high and growing, the key limes which I still need to separate into their own pots, the sunflowers which are all flowering, some of which are making flowers along the stem, and various other plants in pots, the least of which is not the beets which are good for the prostate.
In back you come first to the assorted herbs in small pots, not doing so well, which I will probably put in a planter or raised bed next time in the same location. Then the kaffir, or kiefer, lime tree, yes it's still growing and now has six leaves but still not very tall/
After these comes the main back yard beginning with the 4x4 boxes. Our strawberries are producing several berries every couple of days and so far we have beaten the birds to them. the onion and garlic patch behind it is doing well as far as I can tell but it's the first time I've tried it. Just behind both of these is some lettuce and carrots and other things I didn't bother labeling so all I know is that I can eat it.
The shade garden in the back looks very healthy. The elephant ear plants are getting big as well as the St John's wart and monk's cap. There's also some thyme back there and some other shade ground cover.
The melon/squash patch is finding it's way into the yard several feet and will soon block off any need to mow that area, no dear I didn't plan it that way, not entirely.
The fig tree has a boat load of figs on it even if the early figs all fell off again. The grapevine planted by the shed isn't growing a lot but it's holding in there.
And of course my lemon tree is doing great! I don't know if it will get any taller in the pot it's in and am really leaning toward planting it in the ground this month.

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