Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lemon Tree update

My lemon tree still hasn't produced any flowers, but it's shooting off new leaves by the handfull.
I expect it to grow another foot or two this year and possibly be ready to plant in the ground. I'll have to ask my neighbor if it's ok to plant it between the driveways. It would be a perfect place to plant it. I would just have to remember to water it every day and protect it during the winter so it doesn't die.... :(
One day my tree will look like this. (Hopefully)

I'm really good at killing plants. I just don't water them for years and by the time I look at them again they're pretty much gonners. Except for the aloe, it hung on for years and I finally started to water it again. I don't really want it I just feel sorry for the poor thing.

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