Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cacti Orphans

I have finally had the change during the day to take pictures of the cactus plants I have adopted. The previous owner moved several states away and didn't want the hassle of moving things that could injure her if she wasn't careful moving them.
In my brief attempt at figuring out exactly what kinds of cacti they were I have found out that I would rather have someone who knows something about them to just tell me. The first two are very similar and may be the same variety while the other two are very likely not.
I hope someone can tell me if they can survive 20-something degree weather since we are scheduled to have some in the next few days and they are still sitting outside in pots. Which reminds me my lemon tree is due to come back in soon.

1 comment:

  1. Do you think they will survive? If they were in the UK we would keep them indoors all of the time. I look after cacti in work so once I am off on holidays I will try and see if I can name them for you - I can name perenials etc for outdoors but I'm not so good with the names of cacti. I'm very good at getting attacked by them! The yellow bits especially on the 3rd photo would concern me. Was something grafted unto the top of those stems at one time or is it like a schumbergia christmas cacti?