Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter is finally here

I'm in Texas. What did you expect?
Anyway, it's supposed to have flurries or freezing rain or some such thing tonight so I finally harvested all of my peppers. Keep in mind that the only thing I put on them was water so although they're not super big there are plenty of them, most of which will have to be frozen because I don't believe I will actually use them every day.
I also still need to separate the hot ones from the bells and sweet peppers. Just so you can see them all I put them in a strainer and voila!
Any other harvests out there?


  1. Awesome...looks fantastic..enjoy!

  2. Looks to me like a fine group for some Pepper Jelly. Just enough red for some flecks of color. Have you had Pepper Jelly? Marvelous snack on a cracker with cream cheese, colorful condiment for Holiday meals, delicious with roast beef.

  3. Good looking peppers! I picked up my last white cabbage yesterday.

  4. Looking at your last couple of posts, I now know why I want to live in Texas. Flowers blooming? Veg to be harvested ? In December? Please, please can I relocate ???