Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Seed It

A competition is on among some seeds in one of my pots. A variety has been sown and I have no idea which seed will be the victor.
In the one corner we have citrus, a good grower and great to make refreshing drinks.
In another corner we have rose of sharon which I have yet to see grow anywhere in any of my pots. The do however make very nice flowers. A real underdog.
In a third corner we have fresh banana seeds. There are a lot of them but since I didn't bother looking up how to plant them I have no idea if they even have a chance. They are wonderful in sandwiches and of course banana pudding.
In a fourth corner there are blueberry seeds. They may like the acid from some of the banana mush that was planted along with their seeds but then it might not keep them going. Blueberry scones are of course one of the tastiest things on earth especially with fresh whipped cream.
may the best seeds win.

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