Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Flurries

I know that the weather does just what it wants to and answers to nobody, not that it's sentient or anything, but I already have strawberries forming and the last thing I want is a cold snap telling my plants that it's time to sleep again.
Fortunately my plants ignored the 8 inches of snow and kept growing then too so hopefully I have nothing to worry about.
I just wish my beets would bloom so I can get some seeds for this year. The lettuce has already bolted in the back with really pretty flowers and seeds are on the way there but I like beets way more than salads.


  1. Crazy weather this year. Here I think spring has finally arrived - though today it's grey and wet. But at least the temperatures are on their way up.

  2. 8 inches!?!?! WOW! Thank God your strawberries ignored it...don't know how, but they did. Whew!!