Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Yet?

It sure is here. I weeded my strawberry patch and lo there are fifteen plants and alomst half of them already have flowers. The most promising one is about to fruit and has six flowers alone.
I put my plumeria out today to get some real sun and start to acclimate to the outside again.
Thoughts of a sunnier backyard are still making endroads into my imagination and may be a reality sooner than I would have thought. I really need some sun in the back for all of the veggies that I have growing and wish to grow.
The lettuce is blooming and will make some good seed soon. I intend to harvest the seed and replant in abundance at intervals for young greens.
I also seem to have more leeks than I thought I had planted. Some have come up near the garlic and are very happy with their location.
If I can keep the cats out of the boxes then all should be well this season.

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