Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Flowers

It's not that I don't have flowers in the garden, I just don't ever remember to post pictures of them on bloom day!

These amaryllis have been blooming for over a week now. I don't really remember when they started but it's been a while. Some other flowers have bloomed and gone without any photos this year but they were still really appreciated and kept us motivated to get the yard cleaned up so we can enjoy our flowers in a nice tidy yard.

The roses have really taken off this year with an almost dazzling display of flowers. This guy has bloomed for a while now and clings tirelessly to the fence in hopes that the wind won't get the better of him. So far he has withstood gusts that have blown quite a few things over our yard, generally the stray plastic bag from a local grocery store. Overall I believe it has over a hundred flowers.

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