Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thriving in the Yard

The hops are growing like weeds, actually better than the weeds. I wasn't so sure these things would break the ground around here. It's hot and unrelenting at times. It's sure to need plenty of water when the heat arrives. Currently it's only in the high eighties at worst. Next week or two may hit the nineties. Next month the hundreds are possible but fortunately not likely.

In the mean time we get to pamper them and hope that we can get them to have strong roots and something to climb. They haven't minded the wind so far even though it blew off part of the greenhouse roof again. The fig tree isn't doing half bad itslef in that regard.

There are currently only three that are growing well. The fourth has broken ground but isn't going anywhere for some reason. The fifth is currently a no show.

Someone we haven't had a problem with is the cone flowers. They have sprung back up and are threatening to amaze us with their flowers again. There are about twice as many as last year and I keep seeing new clumps rising out of the ground. The spring cleaning WEEKS have paid off. If I knew it was this hard to keep a garden growing I might have just gotten rich and hired a gardener. That getting rich part I think might have been a problem though.

Yet another fast grower is this little fern that my wife bought to replace some of the plants that didn't make it so well last year in the shade. They grew this much in under a week. If I could only get my tomato plants to grow that fast and healthy then I wouldn't have to go to the store for a while.


  1. haha - yeah, hiring a gardener sounds good! The coneflowers in my garden usually get pulled - I always think they look like weeds. I'm interested in your hops as I've never seen one.

  2. You certainly have a lot going on in your garden! I'm up in Montana, where I can proudly declare that my snowdrops are up.

  3. It's fun seeing what's popping up.
    You seem to have a good start.
    Boy, I would love to hire a gardener...I can only ask my husband to do so much.ha