Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wattering Restrictions

I know laws are there to keep people safe but watering restrictions really get in the way of keeping plants alive. Of course the restrictions are on sprinkling systems and such so hand watering and watering with water not from the city are still ok. This is why my rain barrels hadn't been used yet, granted they're only a little over half full now.
Another way to water is tossin the ice from your drink when you are done with it at the base of the plants. It waters them and cools them down, still 104 here.
With all of this I still have managed to keep my basil and beets alive and well along with a ton of weeds.


  1. Good ideas! I bet your neighbors think you drink a lot of iced tea! Weeds don't need moisture, I don't think!

  2. Texans have really had a hard time of it this summer. It surely does not make gardening fun. I hope things improve very, very soon!

  3. It's been a while since we had a drought severe enough to require water restrictions, but I still remember hauling used bath and kitchen waste water out to the garden. I hope your restrictions don't last long!