Monday, September 12, 2011

Camellia Sinensis Seeds

There's apparently only one tea plantation in the entire country. Here in Texas there is a company that brews and bottles the tea for sale but that's no where near the same thing.
I have therefore obtained some seeds and am trying to sprout and grow them. They are hardy in zones 7-9 and I'm in zone 7b or 8a supposedly. It feels more like zone why-won't-anything-grow-here at times. The plan is to plant the bushes between drives where the dirt has always mounded and has plenty of sun.
Below are the seeds germinating in a plastic bag. There should be moss or some such thing but I'm out of cotton balls at the moment so I'm doing what I can until I get to the store.
Hopefully I'll have sprouts soon.


  1. This really interests me. Only one tea plantation? Where? Are you planning on becoming a plantation? How exciting! Good luck on your seeds! I hope they all do well for you.

  2. I laughed at HolleyGarden's comment, because it was also what's in my head, "are you planning on making a plantation?"