Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cacao Pods

My lovely cacao pods came Saturday. They range from about 8" to 5" long.  Although this picture really doesn't do them justice, the small yellow pod is much more yellow than the other two.
We plan to have some folks over to taste the wonderful pulp and at the same time have a seed planting / roasting party. Freshly roasted cocoa beans I'm sure will smell wonderful.
These pods were purchased from the more and more famous Montoso Gardens, at least among the chocolate connoisseurs here in the states. These are not the GMO pods that are now starting to pervade the cacao markets but naturally grown and harvested pods historically grown in Puerto Rico.
If you've never tasted the pulp from a fresh pod you should either take a trip out to the Caribbean or at least order a few pods for yourself. They are fully licensed to ship to the main land.

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