Saturday, February 22, 2014

Onion Parch

The onion patch is growing great. I watered the first few days and since then the rain has taken care of keeping it watered for me.
We've also got a seed vault off of Amazon which we're planning on starting seeds from and planting tomorrow. We're putting up shelves for the starters and I have finally taken down the pecan tree in the back yard which was threatening to fall on either the house or the power lines eventually.  Neither of these options seemed like a good idea to me and so I spent the better part of a day felling it and three evenings after work cutting it into pieces.  We will now have plenty of sunshine peering through where the pecan tree used to be. I also plan to have the mimosa tree cut to the ground in the next week or so. I cut it, mostly, down a couple years ago for a similar reason but it's putting forth shoots from all over and just doesn't want to die.
Also in the near future I'm looking into putting in a green house for even more plant loving fun.  One fellow had the good idea of putting a Jacuzzi in the greenhouse so it can be enjoyed year round.  Not a bad plan. 

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