Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Large Sunflower

I checked the large sunflower today and found that it's about ready for harvesting. the only problem is that it's been eaten by something. I didn't look too closely but one of the seeds had a big hole in it.
Soon I guess I'll have to go and pick the flower and remove the seeds, checking for holes and bugs before placing it with the rest of the seeds to be planted next year.

The heat is really getting to a lot of the plants but one of my coworkers said that their tomato plant is still making fruit and will bring me some if she remembers. I'll probably make lunch out of it.


  1. Sunflower seeds are wanted by everyone! I remember how we covered one of the sunflower heads with a piece of cheescloth. One morning, we saw a crazy movement under it. After several minutes, we saw a chipmunk emerged from there!

  2. Yum, a fresh tomato is a welcome sight in my house! I don't have any luck w/sunflower seeds here. I hope yours is still ok so you can harvest seeds...it sounds like you had better get it soon before some critter finishes it off:-)

  3. That's WONDERFUL! I love sunflowers and really wanted to grow some this year, but didn't get to it. BTW, I purchased my own domain name, so change your reader to www.GardeningWithMissDaisy.com. See you around.