Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lemon Tree Sprout

There is another sprout in the office!
I'm pretty sure it's lemon or possibly orange, it's really hard to tell at that size since they're all very similar.
This one is growing in a pot where it actually gets some light unlike the two in the breakroom which must think solar eclipses last two days every week and even after that it's overcast.

The other one has sun but does not seem to want to grow much at all. Not sure why.

I was looking at a picture of my large lemon tree the other day and realized that it has tree times the leaves that it had in the picture but hasn't grown but an inch or three in height. I really am thinking about planting it in the ground, but I'm now leaning more toward next year.


  1. Mmmm, a lemon sounds delicious right now...fresh lemonade in this heat sounds divine. Did you post a picture with this post? If so, for some reason I can't see it. I've been having problems seeing some pictures :(

  2. I can't get enough lemons lately. I've been craving them so have tried to up my vitamin C. Maybe my body is telling me something. We can't grow lemon trees here in NC. So I'm jealous you have one.