Friday, July 31, 2009

Thriving Tendrils

The rain has been abundant in the last few days, not a torrent of water or a flood that would just wash away even the dirt above the hard clay that is so common if not maddeningly pervasive in this area.
This is why my plants have been spared the torture of my poor watering habits recently. I haven't had much time for watering, weeding, planting, or harvesting. My plants seem to have understood the last one and seem to have decided to help out in that area by producing almost nothing to be harvested.
The rain has brought about a spurt of growth among the vines in the yard, most noticeably with the squash and cucumbers. These are the same cucumbers that were given to me by one our friends along with some basil that was left on the front porch for some weeks. Now it sits up by the corner of the house on the garage side with many other potted plants to be moved to a sunnier place as soon as there is a sunnier place to move them to. I doubt this will ever happen since it is the sunniest place in the yard unless a tree gets hit by lightning or a car and falls over.
Speaking of the sunniest place in the yard, I hope to move the citrus around again to a sunnier place than they are currently at which gets between eight and ten minutes of sun a day (the potting area).

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  1. You are lucky to be having such rain! We had a very cool late spring/early summer, now we're into the heat of things! It's been in the upper 90's/low 100's without rain for the last couple of weeks.