Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tired of the same old thing?

I sure was. So I decided to do something about it!
The little I have picked up here and there by fixing all of the problems that Dreamweaver creates by making junk code and if you ever tried to look one of it's pages over after several edits and whatnot you would sympathize and nod appreciatively to removing vast seas of Dreamweaver code.

Anyhow the result is a new and wider blog! That's right, there's more room to move about and not so much scrolling down
and down
and down
and down
and down
and down
and down
and down...
You get the point, pictures wrap better too. Hope you enjoy and feel as relieved as I do that the blog isn't squished into a sausage.


Kiki said...

Yay! a wider look looks great!! Excellent work! more squishy blog sausages..wide spacious skies now! Great looks fantastic!

Autumn Belle said...

The wide look is better. It is like having a lot of 'breathing space'. You can now post bigger pictures. The green background is good. It looks environmental friendly and fits our garden theme too. Good Job and Cheers!

Also, thank you very much for linking My Nice Garden to your blog. I appreciate it very much.

sequoiagardens said...

Excellent! How did you do it? Is it easy - bearing in mind I am IT challenged! Should I rather get an expert to do it? I'm on wordpress - is the technology the same for all?
I've tried alternative wordpress designs, but mine is the widest I've found there that is suitable for my use. WHY are all blog formats too narrow???

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Great job Jacob! I tried to do some widening with my blog but failed. So, I just switched to a one-colomn template. Kudos to you!

Jacob Royer said...

I don't know about wordpress but if there is an html edit option on your layout do a search for px. Then widen the wrapper and main px values the same amount (I did 200).
The reason blogs are so narrow is due to the still mind boggleingly large number of folks out there, like my brother who should have upgraded by now since he's had decades to do it, who still use a relatively small monitor and can't read very small text if the screen was set to use or at least emulate a bigger screen.
If you send me your code via email as a .txt file I can look it over for you.