Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wouldn't You Like To Have A Pepper Too?

My pepper experiment this year has been an overwhelming success. I threw a bunch of pepper seeds out on a very fertile raised area of the yard and *POOF* up come pepper plants. With a little watering they survived the summer and now in the cool part of the year they are producing a hefty crop of peppers.

The first frost has been pushed back a little longer so they should get nice and big. I've already picked a few and used them in pastas, sandwiches and a gumbo. I have to admit that they aren't as big as the ones in the stores but they taste way better.

Here is a view with several different peppers in the picture. Unfortunately I don't know what some of the peppers are since I sprinlked some mixed pepper seeds in with all of it just in case they were still good. No sense in wasting seeds. It's made a very interesting grouping of peppers. They are all different sizes and hopefully soon more colors will come to the fore.

I just better not forget to pick them or my wife will probably shake her head at me and sympathetically pat me on the back to comfort me in my time of mourning.


  1. Lovely peppers! I had my last pepper harvest months ago... so yes, I would like to have a pepper!

    They usually are not a big as ones in supermarket because they are not full of growing hormones and pesticides. And the taste can’t be compared!

  2. Yay! Great post! I love peppers and planted some this year too.Your photo looks awesome...so green and shiny...and very yummy! I planted Long Cayenne and Hot Portugal..they were fantastic..and like you I enjoyed throwing them into anything and everything! My growing season is all over now..so you are soo lucky..enjoy those beautiful peppers..great job!

  3. My husband grows the peppers in our family. He grows the 'hot as hell' varieties, and I am not a fan of those. I love the bells, red,green, and yellow, and some mild jalapenos. I love pepper plants, tho, and grow a lot of them in my flower gardens. I have 'chili pequin' plants growing in the fairy garden, and they provide the shade of tall trees for my fairy houses. I find volunteer peppers everywhere! Husband could have planted them, he is always throwing seeds out.