Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garded Update

Planted gerbera daisies Thursday and they seem to be acclimating well. They are hanging out near the other daisies, dianthus, and snap dragons. The cilantro is shading them all well from the soon to be hot mid to late mid day sun.
The cilantro has taken over areas where we really didn't expect to see them but in the end it's probably a good thing.
The lemon grass hasn't been planted anywhere yet but we're still thinking of somewhere it would go well and that cats won't trample it.
We aslo cleaned out the bricks in the south end of the back flower bed. The ants living there didn't like it much but I think I killed their queen and their entire way of life shattered. I haven't seen any for some days now.
It finally rained last evening/this morning. It was much needed and will keep everything growing well. I just hope the rain keeps up while we're on our cruise.

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  1. Hope you have succeeded in getting rid of the ants and that you get sufficient irrigation while youre on holiday.