Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is a yearly task that can really make your home a pleasant place to return to. Especially when you have just picked up that last leaf and brushed away the last piece of dirt, the look of a clean manicured yard is wonderful.
The major problems we came across this year were the ants and having to clean up the oak tree since there were a number of branches that broke in the snowfalls.
A good bit of the color came back on it's own either from seed or from plants that lived through the winter.
We planted seeds last week and the beans, sunflowers, and carrots have already sprouted.
I still haven't gotten a strawberry yet and the fig tree is taunting me with figs that will probably fall off in the next heavy rain.

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  1. I have been doing some of that Spring cleaning myself. I have been considering growing a fig tree as there is a woman living not too far from me, who has two varieties and they both produce huge quantities of fruit.