Sunday, January 15, 2012

Potager's Other Stuff

Potager has always been a place you could go in and sit down to a good meal.  The owner Cynthia has decided to go further and open a store just down the way where there used to be a coffee shop, and then another.  Don't worry too much if you've happened in there for a cup though.  She'll still have coffee but she'll have a lot of other stuff too, all relating to living naturally, and yes coffee is natural as far as I'm concerned.
I thought it was interesting that even near the shops there are rosemary bushes along the street.  No need to run to the store for any of that.  She also has a garden outside the restaurant.
At the new store though she'll have a lot of the ingredients she uses for sale from different local suppliers.  These will range from fresh fruit and veggies to meat, cheese and eggs.  There will also be a wide range of local artisan crafts featuring herbs and gardening.
Located in downtown Arlington it's a great place to look around and when you're done just hop across the street for lunch.

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  1. Seems like indeed a great shop to visit. Too bad; I am nowhere near Arlington and I don't think any such stores with garden outside exist here.