Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Postponed

So far winter has decided not to make too much of an impression.  It's cool enough to keep grass from growing much but for the most part it's been a nice mild winter.  January and February are still ahead but so far I really can't complain about the weather.
We had some nice rain, which was desperately needed even in Austin where my brother was having his wedding but was not rained out. The heat this winter is enough that many of my not so cold hardy plants are still producing and the wild onion in the back doesn't think it's time to come up yet.
The down side is that the ants don't think it's winter yet either and are still mounding and preparing for spreading.  I've killed many ants already.

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  1. Happy New year! Our winter is mild so far, also, though we have had some freezing temps this week. I'm always afraid all the plants will start budding out too soon, so I am glad when it will stay cold for a couple of months.