Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Garden Progress

A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures handy so I will have to type them.
This year we have started a lot of plants in pots outside until we can get more room created on the ground. We still have the onion and garlic patch in teh northwest corner of the backyard with the strawberry patch just to the south, which are producing pretty well since it's only been about a month since we started it. As of yesterday there were four nearly ripe berries and several on the way.
We have an extra dirt mound that we've placed on top of an old rotted stump area. The stump hasn't been there for some time but there's still a little rotting wood underground in that area so there are a lot of bugs crawling and tilling it for us. In it I have put the left over garlic cloves and two seeds from a large squash of some kind. One seed has sprouted and a whole lot of garlic.
In the pots we have some beet sprouts which are in desparate need of thinning as well as carrots, beans, radishes (which are very easy to grow), a transplanted blackberry and numerous flowers and herbs. The basil sprouts relly need thinning. They have grown in clumps as it seems that most of the seeds decided to sprout.
Up front the pansies have gotten used to being planted and have bounced back. We have also finally gotten some lambs ear. We tried to grow it from seed but it never took.Hopefully I will get some time to take pictures of it all and share.

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