Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Waterspouts (Lemon, Kiefer, Kaffir, Citrus)

Yesterday I trimmed off a couple of waterspouts. The day before yesterday I didn't know what a waterspout was or why I might want to trim them off.

Waterspouts are branches that grow from a relatively low point on the tree and generally grow straight up although some can grow at a variety of angles. They are fast growing branches with slightly larger leaves that the older branches and can reach canopy height within one season of growth.

The problem with these is that they tend to to hog the water thus not allowing the other branches to grow as well while at the same time making the foliage denser since they generally grow in the middle of the tree instead of branching out.

One suggestion for getting a citrus tree to grow better was to let it dry out for a spell until it's noticable and then to resume watering and feeding it.

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