Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sprouting key limes (and kaffir lime update)

About two and a half years ago my wife and I went to a wonderful resort in Key Largo, Kona Kai. For staying there they gave us and everyone else a bottle of key lime juice to make a real key lime pie out of. Unfortunately we didn't get around to trying it for some time and ended up having to disard the juice since it changed colors and we weren't sure about the shelf life to begin with. Today, or er yesterday, we finally made a key lime pie with real key limes. Of course, as is my custom, I have decided to plant the seeds. Since it takes many key limes to get enough juice I also have plenty of seeds and decided to plant them all in a single pot. I figure the odds are much better planting fourty or so seeds as opposed to one or two as in the case of the Kaffir Lime and Blood Orange seeds.

I have a correction to a previous post though with both good and bad news. The good news is that whatever sprouted the first time was NOT the kaffir lime seed but a weed that just happened to find it's way in. The bad news is that it finally did sprout and quickly died as well as the blood orange... I think bugs got to them and, since I don't use pesticides, that can happen.
Below is a picture of the kaffir lime and lemon tree as they are just a few minutes ago.

The lemon tree is doing good even though the destroyer of plants continues to feast on the lower leaves and throw them up wherever he wants to. Hopefully one day he will stop this bad trend and figure out that his stomache just wasn't made to digest lemon leaves.

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