Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bell Peppers and Papaya

I have managed to keep the bell pepper plants alive and well throug the heat and they have rewarded me with a few flowers. No, there aren't any peppers yet but you have to have flowers first anyway. It's about time I thinned them again since many of the plants leaves are touching.

The other plant I have managed to sprout, though nothing more, is the papaya. Once again I just planted seeds from the fruit from the store and *POP* up they came. Ok, so I watered them a lot too, but then again who doesn't water their plants at least some of the time? They're planted along with some spearmint and zinias. I don't think these plants are specifically on the companion planting guides that I've seen but I don't know what kind of plants they are anyway.

The only problem I see in the near future is the unbearable heat that is forcasted to be coming our way, 90's to low 100's... Why me, why me, and why everyone else who has to bear the heat of summer, why?

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  1. Congrats on the papaya sprouts. I also have a papaya tree near my pond. It's growing well and actually has a papaya fruit on it. There's also a potful of papaya sprouts from earlier this summer which I threw some seeds from a papaya I was eating. Good luck on your papayas and remember to cover them when winter frosts are expected.