Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Citrus Progress (with chart)

Yes, you heard it right. I now have a nifty chart to show that I'm not crazy. My citrus sprouts are growing, at least a little.

I didn't figure I'd bother with making it any prettier so the S1-S3 are the three measurements I've taken so far. The measurement is from the top of the soil to the top leaf or stem, whichever sticks up the most.

The lemon tree is not in this chart since it really put the rest of the plants to shame and made it look more like a flat line with a spike at the end.

Also note that the order they are in is more or less a size order but the pots are actually numbered so I don't forget in case one really takes off and gets taller.

So without any more hesitation...

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  1. You plant all them at the same time and compare their growth?.