Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer progress

This spring I had so many ideas about what I wanted to do with the yard and so far very few of them have come about.

I was looking back at some of the posts only to see some of them. The bamboo fence is not up. It's still a pile of bamboo in the backyard waiting for me to figure out how to put them together. They haven't gone to waste though. I used some of them for proping up the beans, and one for a retaining wall of sorts by the squash and pepper plot.

The mimosa tree isn't entirely cut down. It knows it too and is trying to sprout all over. I'm just going to have to get the chainsaw and axe back out and get it finished.

The shed in the back still needs paint and probably a new door. The entire thing should be lifted up off the ground but that's a separate day.

I HAVE kept lots of plants alive through the hot part of summer. Things have started to cool off and things are starting to flower and produce again.

A winter project is to jet my tomato plants to produce inside. I'll probably have to cut out the top of the plant hutch so the light will work better. Right now it shines through a screen and isn't quite doing what I want.

Solar projects are hopefully going to work well this winter. The backyard was comfortable last winter due to the mirrors. Out in 40 degree temps in short sleeves because I was getting too hot working in the yard.


  1. Don't worry - we all start out with good intentions and somehow the time just passes by! I'm just picking up on my spring list and hoping to cross some items off!

  2. I hear ya, Jacob. My list of projects gets longer...digging a pond has been on hold for 3 years..lol. But get that Mimosa tree gone, will ya.