Friday, October 9, 2009

Fort Worth Autumn Plant Swap 2009 Starters

I have planted some seeds for starter plants for the plant swap.

Included are the candy lilies that I got seeds for recently, basil that I have had for some time now which is actually sprouting, jujube but only four of them since I haven't gotten back to the tree to get more seeds, grape from my mom's grapevines of which I still have most of the seeds from, and let's not forget the key lime trees which it seems that all but one is still alive.

The only definite plants so far are the basil and key lime trees since they are the only ones that have actually sprouted so far. I hope the grapes will sprout soon since the seeds are smaller and usually denotes a shorter germination.

For those of you who don't know a little basil goes a long way. From the two plants we had last year we made some pesto. We froze most of it into cubes and put it in the deepfreeze. One cube makes an entire meal for pasta and thaws quickly which makes me think, pesto chicken linguini for dinner tomorrow?

Just in case you are interested in attending we will probably also have the much talked about lemon thyme cookies again this swap.

Hopefully coming soon will be my want list. I still have to discuss it with the misses. Included will most definitely be bushes of some sort for the front.


  1. Basil! I could grow it just for its smell!

  2. Mmmm....pesto. I don't know why I never thought of making vats of pesto from excess basil and freezing it, but that is a great idea! Thanks for passing it along. I have some scraggly basil plants that could sure use some trimming right now.

  3. Love a good plant swap and wish I was gonna be there. I like the purple ruffled basil cause it is so pretty and will always mix it with tomatoes.

  4. when and where is this swap? i have several clumps of coreopsis for a good home even if i can't make; will deliver to you.