Saturday, October 10, 2009


Gardening is about growth. It's a thrill to plant a seed and watch it grow. Most people seem to want results fairly quickly so they grow things that will mature anywhere from weeks to months. Some others of us like to see a much longer progression and may plant things that take years or decades to reach maturity. Some plants even outlive the planter and possibly even their grandchildren.

Blogs are a lot like planting. Sometimes a blog can grow to a point where the blogger thinks it has matured and is now reaping the reward of his hard work. Other times a blog fizzles and is uprooted and tossed aside for a more productive venture.

One thing about gardeners is they like variety. I don't know anyone who just plants roses for instance. Sure roses may be their main plant but there are always other plants in the yard that are cared for and maintained. Vegetable gardeners are likewise very diverse in their plantings.

In the gardening spirit I have decided to keep up with this blog but start yet another plant in my blog garden. It is not a gardening blog but may at times have garden related posts in it. It is a general blog in the line of a roughly 500 word format on whatever topic comes up that day.

Please feel free to stop in and see what is being covered that day.


  1. You're so right about blogging! Great post!

  2. A little bit of diversity makes Garden very exiting and definitely inviting!! ~bangchik

  3. Cool, I found the blog of a person who's been picking some of my posts! I had planned to click on your name to find you, but hadn't done it yet. I like your thoughts about blogging here.