Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rain Day at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

We were actually there to take pictures of hats and scarves and such ( can't help the shameless promotion of my sweetie) but really, who would miss taking a few pics of the scenery?

The oddest thing was the bumble bee that just sat there. It wasn't dead but more seemed intent on getting every last bit out of his flower.

We took most of the pictures in the rose garden where there were also wedding pictures being taken. They were an early 20's couple and by the huge smiles didn't mind the light sprinkles falling on them. There were rose blooms everywhere and it smelled wonderful.

When I got home I noticed the creeping rosemary blooming. The regular rosemary has never bloomed and has been there for a much longer time, but whatever.

I also checked in on the blue agave and noticed a new resident looking back at me with his beady little eyes.


  1. Botanic gardens are a BIG favourite of mine! Always something to see come rain or shine - don't know what we'd do without them in the winter months.

  2. Dandylyons place is really cute and she's good with color. I can why you are proud. And i'll got visit a garden any day.

  3. Beautiful flowers and I loved the one with the bumble bee on it sucking the life out of that plant! Reminded me of a nursing child! LOL.