Friday, May 14, 2010

Figs of a Feather... Oh Nevermind

The point being that the figs this year have not fallen off of the tree despite the hard rains and wind. Some of the first figs are even changing color and ripening. If all goes well we will be making fig preserves and eating figs on toast and scones.
If you have never had scones, and I mean real home made scones, then you really should find someone who knows how to make them and give them a shot. Fresh scones right from the oven... are too hot and fall apart. Scones that have had a few minutes to cool after coming out of the oven are perfect. Add a cup of your favorite tea (you do have a favorite right, if not then there is something else we need to talk about) and voila!

In short, fresh figs good, birds eating the figs, bad.

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