Friday, May 14, 2010

Pre-Cruise Nursery Stop

Before the cruise we stopped at a local nursery to get some plants for my wife's lecture. None of the following were picked but they looked really cool.

I snapped this picture of some society garlic flowers. They're more colorful than, though not as showy as, the onions we have here at home.

These guys are a little less ordinary. They make me think of hag fish with little hooks to cling onto dead rotting carcass ripping away pieces to feed on. I'm not sure what they were either but cactus is always a good subject.

I know we tried to grow some of these but again I don't really feel like looking up their name and I'm tired. If you want to leave a comment on what they are I will be happy to post it. Until then I shall call these "Happy Cuppy Spiky Flower Stalks." Maybe they should change their name to that.

Cruise in Review Coming Soon...

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