Thursday, February 17, 2011

Coffee Sprouts

I didn't follow any of the online guides on planting the seeds. I used the old fashion way of just putting it in the dirt and adding water. The online resources were right about germination time though, about two and a half months. The first one is plain to see. The second one is about and inch and a half to the left and can be seen better in the blow up by clicking on the picture.
This is probably just your standard Arabica coffee but it's in my house!
Coffee is an ideal houseplant and can easily be kept pruned back to about any size you like from a full size floor plant to a medium size table plant. Too much smaller and the tree might start to suffer not to mention look funny.


  1. Hi, interesting. Did you buy the seed or where did you get it? I've never thought of planting coffee before.

  2. How cool, I didn't think you could grow coffee at home.