Sunday, March 6, 2011

Juniper Berries

My wife is still trying to find ingredients for her sachets. Juniper berries were on the list and she really didn't want to pay ten dollars a pound for them, as one store was selling them as a gourmet snack.
I know I had seen a lot of them recently but as I got to some of the trees, which around here can get to a good twenty feet tall, they were void of any berries at all. This did not bode well for us.
Fortunately we went bike riding with some friends down a long trail and in the middle of nowhere we found lots of juniper berries. It seems that little furry forest animals love the things and probably ate most of them since most of the trees were bare and only a few had berries left. It was stilll enought though for what we needed at the time. We'll just have to remember to pick them when we see them. Otherwise we might miss the berry season.

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