Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sharing Seeds

One of the best ways to grow your garden is by sharing seeds. Not only do you get a wider variety of seeds, you also get to talk with people who have successfully grown the seed you are getting in your area.
It's not always easy to get seeds though and not everyone is really that interested in getting the seeds you have sometimes. Today we had four people say they were going to come get seeds from us and only one showed up. Not only did she get seeds but she also got some plants she can transplant.

I got some squash seeds this way a month or so ago and really need to remember to plant them soon. I can't remember exactly when they said to plant them but I wrote it on the package they are in so it really doesn't matter, which goes back to the whole talking to those who have grown it already.

Sometimes people have things growing and they didn't even realize it was something that someone would really want. Just down the street an older lady had some passoin fruit vines on her fence. She didn't even know how they got there but liked the flowers.

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  1. I love exchanging seeds. It's a way to try out a plant but not committing to a whole packet of seeds. Awesome.