Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Natural Potting Soil

There are a lot of potting soil recipes out there. Most of them require some sort of purchase since, at least, I don't have any perlite or moss on me. Ok so I do have moss but it's spanish moss which is really good to put on top of soil to keep moisture in. I recomend starting with dirt. I don't really care what kind of dirt since I'm going to be adding things to it to make it more useable anyway. Add to that an equal or slilghtly more compost. If you don't have any compost then you should start making some today. I'm sure you have some kind of something that can be composted. Start one on your apartment baclony if you have to. This is where your nutrients will come from. Seeds will sprout in almost anything but they need nutrients to keep growing. Finally add some coarse sand to the mix. About as much as you added dirt. Beach type sand is good. It your sand is too fine it will not drain properly and can become packed and hard. The reason we added sand in the first place is to help drainage and keep the soil pliable. Coarse sand gives water a path to travel down not only for drainage but also to get to the roots. Good drainage is important because the soil needs to have air in it as well. If it is full of water then the plant's roots can't breathe properly. Remember that no matter how good you soil is, if your pots are infected then your plants might die anyway. Always clean your pots.


  1. How nice to find another Texas gardener! I have been waiting all year for my compost to complete to improve a certain bed. It's clay soil with sand on top - yep, almost concrete!

  2. Dear Jacob, A very informative posting. P,

  3. can't go wrong when you add compost...nice post!!