Sunday, March 27, 2011

University of Texas at Arlington Community Gardens

Saturday was the dedication event for the community gardens here in Arlington, Texas. It had been tried before without success but with the State and City working together there is now a half acre of land with around 70 raised beds. Granted I didn't count them.
I have turned in my application to grow some food there. This would be in addition to the raised beds at the house and the beds in front of the house and on the side of the house and a little in the study. I think I would go by anyhow and see what's growing even if I can't grow anything there this year. It's always interesting to see how different people grow the exact same plant.
Half of the food is being donated to food banks while the other half goes to the growers.
There is also a master gardener who has decided that even food banks need seasoning and is growing herbs.
Pictures to come, eventually...

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